Teen Ambassadors for Mental Health & Substance Use Prevention

Taking new applications for the 2023-2024 school year! 


About the Project:

Who: The DuPage County Prevention Leadership Team (PLT), Serenity House and NAMI DuPage are collaborating on a new project that is open to high school students in District 87. This project is titled, “Teen Ambassadors for Mental Health, Substance Use Prevention and Stigma Reduction Campaign”.

What: The Project will engage teen volunteers in District 87 to act as substance use prevention, mental health wellness, and stigma reduction peer support ambassadors within their school communities and host panel discussions in the community to reduce the stigma associated with substance use and mental wellness. We would ideally be looking at two students per school in Dist. 87.

Meet your 2022-2023 Teen Ambassadors

Glenbard East Teen Ambassadors

Glenbard North Teen Ambassadors

Glenbard South Teen Ambassadors

Copy of Glenbard West

Glenbard West

Teen ambassadors will be tasked with:

1. Attend a youth leadership conference 

2. Working with the above partners to create a stigma reduction campaign to educate their peers and community members on substance use prevention and mental wellness

3. Distributing project materials around their school buildings

4. Creating social media campaigns

5. Sharing important resources and information regarding substance use, mental health, and stigma

6. Ambassadors will evaluate the project during lunch periods

7. Ambassadors will participate in hosting the panel discussions to educate and combat stigma associated with substance use and mental health

8. Ambassadors will also be expected to attend planning and check in meetings once a month during the school year.